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Windsor Gymnastics offers classes for children age 18 months to 4

Parent & Tot  - (age 18 months to 3) - This is a fun class to introduce your child to the gym setting while having fun with them.  All equipment will be appropriate for this age child.   This class is 45 minutes.


 Tumble Kids (3 - 4 yr. old) for those who are ready to "go it alone."  This class is 55 minutes.


At each stage children are capable of learning many gymnastics skills, body shapes, and terminology.  The classes will cover all the major events in gymnastics including, floor tumbling, balance beam, vaulting skills, bar skills, conditioning and flexibility as well as strength.  All these skills will be learned on appropriate size equipment. 


Studies show that starting children early in movement type exercises such as gymnastics gives them an early start in their academic abilities as well and also gets them started early in acquiring self-confidence.

Registration Fee:  $45.00
Monthly Tuition:  Parent/Tot:  $68.00
                            Tumble Kids:  $72.00
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