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Girls - one piece leotard with or without shorts.  Hair must be pulled back.  No jeans or jewelry


Boys - shorts and a t-shirt


ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE:  $45.00/ $80.00 per family


Due at the time of registration and is renewed each August/September.  Your child is automatically enrolled in our program through the school year unless we receive a two-week notice of withdrawal.


Tuition:  Tuition is due at the beginning of each month and is late if paid after the 10th.  A $10.00 late fee will be added if paid after the 10th.

                                      1x per week                        2x per week


 55 minute class          $76.00 Mo.                               $121.60 Mo.

 75 minute class          $83.00 Mo.                               $132.80 Mo.

 90 minute class          $88.00 Mo.     



Family Discount:  1st child pays full tuition.  2nd child or more children receive $5.00 off


Monthly auto-pay:  For your convenience we offer a monthly auto-pay using your debit/credit card.  The amount is charged on the 1st of each month. 


Should you decide to withdraw your child for any reason you are required to give a 2 week-written notice. If no notice is given you will be responsible for the monthly charge and late fees. No verbal withdrawals will be accepted.


Class Make-ups

Tuition pays for your child's spot in the class, however, as a courtesy, Windsor Gymnastics offers make-ups when and where it does not interrupt the safety or the quality of class for those children registered in the class.  We do not refund or give credit for missing a class.  


Bad Weather Closures

Windsor Gymnastics closing due to inclement weather ARE NOT ALWAYS IN CONJUNCTION WITH LOCAL SCHOOL CLOSINGS.  Please call before arriving for class during inclement weather. 



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