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Gymnastics Classes                             Schedule

                                                                                              Registration Information

Parent/Tot (Ages 18 months - 3) (45 minutes)  This is a fun class to introduce children to the gym setting while having fun with with their mom or dad.  All equipment is appropriate size.

Tumble Kids(Ages 3 - 4) (55 minutes)  Children will be encouraged to follow directions and listen to their instructor as more structure is added to the class.  They will gain greater control over their bodies as they continue to learn the basics of gymnastics.

Beginners (Ages 5 - 8) (55 minutes)  Girls continue to build on their gymnastics skills, proper technique is emphasized.

Beginners (Ages 9 & up) (55 minutes)  A beginning gymnastics class for the older beginner.

Intermediate ( Ages 6 & up) (75 minutes)  Girls continue to build on their gymnastics skills which require more dedication and hard work.  The class will continue to build upon skills learned in beginners classes.

Advanced (Ages 6 & up) (85 minutes)  This class is the highest non-competitive class for athletes who wish to continue their gymnastics training.

Boys (Ages 5 & up) (55 minutes)  Beginning skills for boys

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