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Gymnastics Instruction offers more than just learning gymnastics skills.  They are learning skills for life!  Even if your child never becomes a "competitive" gymnast he/she will be learning many valuable skills they can take throughout their lives.



  • Persistence:  Gymnastics is a sport where the skills must be practiced over and over in order to acheive proficiency. 

  • Following Directions:  Gymnastics uses a lot of circuit training, meaning they will have several different stations to work on for a few minutes each.  The gymnasts must learn and remember each station and it teaches them to follow multi-stepped directions. .

  • Patience:  Who likes to wait?  Practicing standing in line for short periods of time and containing your excitement as you wait for your turn on the trampoline are just a couple ways gymnastics teaches patience.

  • Self-confidence:  Gymnastics skills can be very hard to learn.  When a child learns one of these skills through their hard work and persistence self-confidence follows.  "I did it, mom/dad!" is one of the most exciting things to hear in a gymnastics class.

  • Develop skills for other activities!

  • Develop movement skills!

  • Develop your flexibility!

  • Learn to listen and follow directions!

  • Social interaction and peer support!

  • Develop coordination!

  • Learn to set goals!

  • Develop muscle and strength!

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